Identifying And Assisting The Families Of Micro-Preemies


Playing For Preemies – Success!!

Preemie night was a great success last Friday, the 19th, of October. We had the chance to tell Thomas “Miracle Man’ FioRito’s story and honor him and his family at the start of the women’s volleyball match. We unveiled the Rae Strong Foundation, a non-profit organization that will financially assist the families of micro-preemies. Over $3,000 from donations, t-shirts, and tickets sales was raised.

Thank you to everyone who helped make the special night a possibility through donations, attendance and continued support. We look forward to the next Playing For Preemies event Feb. 16th where the men’s team takes on Purdue Fort Wayne, see you there!

(If you didn’t get your shirt, click HERE)

Featured Story


Thomas, nicknamed the Miracle Man, is a young man born at 22 weeks to Dan and Deborah FioRito. Read his odds defying story here.

This foundation’s namesake, Rae, is the amazing Preemie daughter of Lorelee Smith and Dan Friend. Read their compelling story in the “Preemie Stories” page here

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