Survival Rate

What Is the Survival Rate for Micro Preemies?

Micro preemies are very fragile, and every day that a mom spends pregnant increases her baby’s chance of survival.

Birth Week Average Survival Rate
22 weeks About 10% of babies survive
23 weeks 50% to 66% of babies survive
24 weeks 66% to 80% of babies survive
25 weeks 75% to 85% of babies survive
26 weeks More than 90% of babies survive

(Via VeryWellFamily)

Improving Your Baby’s Outcome

Although micro preemies may face serious health problems, there are many things that you can do as a parent to give your baby the best possible start.

  • Get early prenatal care: When you become pregnant, talk to your doctor early about how to minimize your risk of premature birth. Early prenatal care can help moms avoid an early delivery.
  • Have your baby in a hospital with a NICU: If you know that your baby will be premature, delivering in a hospital with a level 3 NICU with 24-hour neonatology coverage can give him or her the best possible start.
  • Learn the signs of preterm labor: While you’re pregnant, make sure that you understand the signs of preterm labor, and seek medical care immediately if you develop any of them.
  • Seek early intervention: Babies born early may qualify for state-run early intervention programs. Starting these programs as soon as possible can help minimize any cognitive effects of prematurity. (Via VeryWellHealth)



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